Adelaide experiences warm, dry summers and chilly, wet winters. So whether it’s hot enough to fry an egg, or cold enough to freeze one, having air conditioning and heating in your home could make life far more comfortable.
But in a part of Australia where you can swelter in the sun, or shiver in the shade, how do you find what’s right for your home?
Luckily, we have the answers to your AC questions!


Why are so many Adelaide homes turning to AC?

Adelaideans are relying on air conditioning and heating more and more these days. In fact, South Australia uses air conditioning more than any other state in the country! And with good reason.

Heatwaves are threatening to become more frequent and intense. And with bitter cold snaps during the winter months, Adelaide’s AC and heating ventilation usage has soared.

So, if you can’t stomach the thought of another year of sweaty summers and shivering winters, it’s probably time to chat to Metro Air. 


How do you make the most of your system in Adelaide? 

Making sure you’re getting the best out of your system is crucial. And unsurprisingly, there’s a bit more to optimising your AC than simply hitting the ‘on’ button! The ideal temperatures for summer and winter are dependent on where you live. What works for an abode in Brisbane, is unlikely to be right for a house in Hobart.

Usually, air conditioners in Australia should be set to around 25° to 27° to cool your home in summer and 18° to 20° degrees to warm your bones in winter.

For Adelaide dwellings, these figures can be narrowed down a bit. From Glenelg to Gumeracha, and from Gawler to Goolwa, AC temperatures in the “city of churches” should be around 24° – 25° in summer and 19° – 20° in winter. Targeting these temperatures will help you to maximise the energy efficiency of your system.


What system is right for my Adelaide home? 

When it comes to choosing the right system for you and your home, there’s plenty to consider. Whether you’re From the parts of the house you’re conditioning to energy efficiency, and everything in between, we have a solution for everyone’s home. 

Split systems can provide a great, compact solution. In a kitchen or bedroom, they can cool or heat the space. Giving you control and peace of mind that the unit will take of you when Adelaide’s weather comes calling.

But what if temperature control was installed in the entire home?

Split system air conditioning provides single-room relief from the elements. However, ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to cool and heat your whole house at the touch of a button.

Plus, if you’re looking to replace an existing evaporative unit, the Metro Air team are the experts. We can upgrade the evaporative system in your Adelaide home and replace it with a modern and discreet ducted experience.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy your home and maximise your comfort, ducted air conditioning could be your answer.

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