Best ducted air conditioning brands

Discreet air conditioned comfort. Ducted air conditioning in Adelaide.

What is the best ducted air conditioning brand in Australia?

That depends on what your needs are. At Metro Air, we only stock the best ducted air conditioning in Australia because we know that quality matters.

When you are considering installing a ducted air conditioning system the Metro Air team are here to help you design a new system that perfectly suits your Adelaide home and lifestyle.

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Why choose ducted air conditioning?

Consistent temperature throughout the whole house

Unlike split system air conditioning, ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to heat or cool your whole house at the touch of a button.

The central unit is out of sight, often in the roof. Refrigerated air is pumped through a system of ducts to vents.

For you, that translates to greater freedom throughout your home without having to open and close doors behind you as you go.

Ducted air conditioning’s far more conducive to whole-of-house entertaining, too. You’re not shutting off areas just to keep the temperature down.

Ducted air conditioning also means you are able to lower the temperature discreetly without an unpleasant icy blast at head height.

For home owners who are replacing an old system, installing a new one or even building a new property, our years of experience and knowledge of all the latest technology, allows us to give you the best possible tailored system to suit you.

Every ducted air conditioning system we install takes into account your personal requirements and we provide you with the most comfortable and economical solution possible.

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