Save on electric bills while staying cool

Split system air conditioners are perfect for small areas or individual rooms. When you are considering split system air conditioner installation in Adelaide, the Metro Air team is here to help you design a new split system that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle.

We are a proud Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer.

We know Mitsubishi Electric inside and out, so call or email us to get a free quote on your Mitsubishi Electric split system installation in Adelaide and find the perfect climate for your home!

Why choose a split system air conditioning system in Adelaide?

Split system air conditioning system doesn’t use ductwork, which reduces the opportunity for heat or energy loss. They are great for rooms that are hot and may lack airflow or ventilation.

The benefits of split systems include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Each unit can be controlled individually, so each room can be heated or cooled when needed
  • Savings on electricity bill, since each unit can be switched off if not needed
  • Additional units can be added if required
  • Easier and cheaper to install

For home owners who are replacing an old system, installing a new one or even building a new property, our years of experience and knowledge of all the latest technology, allows us to give you the best possible tailored system to suit you.

Every Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system we install takes into account your personal requirements and we provide you with the most comfortable and economical solution possible.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use, and we are delighted to bring their reliable, efficient and whisper quiet products to the Adelaide market.

Smart inverter technology to save electricity

Inverters are the ‘brains’ behind an air conditioning system, helping to consume less energy by sensing the room conditions and making adjustments. Mitsubishi Electric Inverters save energy while ensuring high performance and maximum comfort.

Convenient Wi-Fi control

Built-in Wi-Fi control ensures that you can control your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner remotely from anywhere. With your smartphone, tablet or online account, change your cooling settings for maximum comfort, even before you get home.

Quiet operation for peaceful sleep

Designed for quiet operation, so that you sleep comfortably at night. With a “Quiet Mode” setting, Mitsubishi Electric split system air conditioners are perfect for the bedroom. So silent that you’ll check to see if it’s on!  

Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning