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Save Money With Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Adelaide

When you are considering installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in Adelaide, the Metro Air team are here to help you design a new reverse cycle system that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle.

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What Are The Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Well the best one is you won’t have to choose between saving money and being warm in winter!

Reverse cycle systems are efficient. Conventional heaters have to ‘create’ heat energy, while reverse cycle systems ‘absorb’ heat from the outdoor air to warm the air inside, which uses less energy.

When heating, the unit draws heat in from the air outside before distributing it around the room.

With cold conditions, a good reverse cycle air conditioner will automatically defrost for more effective operation. So even when the mercury drops as low as minus 15ºC, your system will heat your home.

Not all ducted systems are reverse cycle. Normal ducted systems can only cool the house down during summer, while reverse cycle systems can cool in summer and warm the house in winter.

At Metro Air, we take pride in only installing premium air conditioning systems that will survive the Adelaide climate. Discover the best brands for reverse cycle air conditioning here:

Stay Cooler in Summer!

Flick the switch and now your reverse cycle air conditioner is now in cooling mode.

Simply the opposite of the winter function, the unit will absorb heat from the inside air and dissipate it outside, leaving your home cooler. Today’s modern technology means your air conditioning unit can cool your home in temperatures as high as 46 ºC. This is the perfect cooling system made for our climate.

The Metro Air team love assisting their customers with a new reverse cycle air conditioning system that perfectly suits their home and lifestyle.

For home owners who are replacing an old system, installing a new one or even building a new property, our years of experience and knowledge of all the latest technology, allows us to give you the best possible tailored system to suit you.

Every reverse cycle air conditioning system we install takes into account your personal requirements and we provide you with the most comfortable and economical solution possible.

Are surging gas and electricity prices in Australia getting you frustrated? Do you want to reduce your bills?

It might be time to seriously consider installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in Adelaide. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning will not only cool and heat your entire house discreetly, it is also more economical compared to other methods of air conditioning. The choice is pretty clear: ducted reverse cycle is more efficient, more powerful and able to operate in more adverse temperatures.

Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in an Adelaide home during summer

Take control of your climate and start saving today. Call us now to get a quote for an air conditioning system that will make life at the home more enjoyable and less costly.

Installation Considerations

When considering ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for your Adelaide home, it’s essential to think about the installation process. Professional installation ensures optimal performance and efficiency. The layout of your home, insulation, and the size of the system are crucial factors that experts will consider during installation.

Investing in ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in Adelaide is a smart choice for those seeking year-round comfort and energy efficiency. By understanding the system’s benefits, considering installation factors, and choosing a reliable provider, you can ensure that your home remains a haven of comfort, regardless of the weather outside. Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and enjoy the versatility that ducted reverse cycle air conditioning brings to your Adelaide home.