We understand that selecting the right air conditioning system is a big decision. And how you choose to cool and heat your home will depend on a range of factors.
Fortunately, Metro Air is here to help walk you through the options, ensure your home is comfortable, and get you the right system for you.

Location, location, location

Adelaide, South Australia experiences a range of different climates. And depending on where you live, the climate can impact your air conditioning decisions. It’s helpful to know what you require for your specific climate and how seasonal changes may impact your home and air conditioning needs.

Some areas require homes to have effective cooling for hot summers and heating for chilly winters. Elsewhere, many Australian homes experience humid climates.  This requires air conditioners to work harder to keep us cool. In humid regions, reverse cycle air conditioning systems perform well. But evaporative systems can struggle.


What space are you air conditioning?

Are you planning to cool one area in your home? Maybe multiple rooms? Or is the entire house getting the AC experience?

A split system is often the ideal choice for air conditioning a single room. And if you’re after heating and cooling for a room, a reverse cycle split system will be an effective solution throughout the year.

However, if you’re wanting to air condition multiple spaces, there’s more to consider. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the ideal system to cool and heat the entire home as it provides optimal comfort and customisation to ensure your home is exactly to your liking.


Size is important

It’s also important to select a system that is appropriate for the size of the room or dwelling.

A unit with the wrong capacity could result in inefficient energy use and high operating costs. Additionally, other factors such as home insulation, the type of dwelling, ceiling height, and roof type can all influence what system will work best for you.


Need healthier air?

What’s more, many reverse cycle systems can help to purify the air in your home. Some systems come equipped with technology that can remove bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pet dander. So, with the right air conditioning unit, you can be cool in summer, warm in winter, and allergens and pollutants can be inhibited all year round.


Energy efficiency

Some things just go together. Salt and pepper. Bread and butter. Air conditioning and energy efficiency.

It’s estimated that air conditioning accounts for 20% – 50% of the energy used in Australian homes. So, when choosing what system to install in your home, it’s likely that energy efficiency will be a part of the decision process.

The highest efficiency air conditioning units can cost more upfront. But over the long term, such systems can become worthwhile investments as they keep your bills lower than their less-efficient counterparts. And, in many cases, the technology is more advanced helping you to maximise your comfort.

For example, a reverse cycle air conditioner can be 300–600% efficient. That means for every one unit of electrical energy, the system can produce between 3 – 6 times the energy for heating or cooling.

So, it’s helpful to consider how often you’ll use your system and with what settings. Each system will have a different energy rating. And we can talk you through what may suit you and your home.


The MetroAir service

There’s a lot to think about!

That’s why MetroAir offer a tailored, solution-based service. We’re committed to ensuring your air conditioning installation is right for you. MetroAir takes the time to understand your needs and circumstances to maximise your comfort and satisfaction.

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