Polyaire Adelaide

Polyaire Ducted System Installation Adelaide

Metro Air Conditioning are proud to provide Polyaire installation around Adelaide.

Polyaire are and Australian-based manufacturer of air conditioning components with a growing international presence.

Polyaire have head offices and a distribution outlet based in Adelaide so you can expect easy access to high-quality customer support.

Polyaire manufacturers of high quality Air Conditioning components and air control systems in Australia. These include air filters, insulated flexible ducting, air grilles and vents, and fittings.

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AirTouch Installation in Adelaide

Polyaire have developed several air conditioning control systems such as the Airtouch, ZoneTouch, ZoneSwitch and Zimi which allow you to easily take control of the air conditioning in your home from your phone or a centralised screen.

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Air control systems cut costs from your electricity bills and provide you year-round comfort with ease.

Airtouch 2+, the perfect air conditioning interface for Adelaide’s climate.

The Polyaire AirTouch 2+ is a cutting-edge air conditioning control system tailored for Aussie homes and businesses. Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface, it lets you easily tweak temperature settings, fan speeds, and airflow distribution to match your comfort needs. Thanks to its smart zoning technology, you can customize climate control for different areas of your space. With built-in sensors, it keeps tabs on indoor air quality, making adjustments for optimal comfort and health.

Plus, it plays nice with smart home setups, allowing remote access and integration with other smart devices for smooth automation and energy savings.

Airtouch 5. Utilise the latest tech to manage your climate.

The Airtouch 5 is the newest addition to the Airtouch family, offering even more advanced features and improved home comfort. It sports a user-friendly interface with a touchscreen display, making it a breeze to adjust temperature settings, fan speeds, and airflow distribution to match your preferences.

Thanks to its advanced zoning technology, the AirTouch 5 lets you tailor climate control for different areas of your place, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. With built-in sensors, it keeps a close eye on indoor air quality, automatically tweaking settings for the best comfort and health. Plus, it smoothly integrates with smart home setups for remote access and seamless automation.

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