Be prepared for this summer, don’t let your old or faulty air conditioner make your summer unbearable. Now is the perfect time to switch to ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.


Lets explore why:

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a newer, modern style of air conditioning. It uses a system called ‘zoning’ which allows you to turn the air conditioner on or off in sperate rooms with the flick of a switch. It is cheaper and more efficient to run over a whole home, and the technology behind it is pretty cool (pardon the pun). The system uses a refrigerant that, when changing states from a gas to a liquid, can easily transfer heat.


How it works:

Cooling: Ducted reverse cycle uses the refrigerant that moves from gas to liquid to regulate the temperature. It sends air taken from inside the home and blows it over coils filled with the refrigerant in its gas state. This quickly and effectively cools the rooms you want.

Heating: To heat a room, a ducted reverse cycle system sucks up warm air from inside your home and uses the refrigerant to warm up the air. To do this, the system begins by absorbing heat from the air inside the house and blowing it over coils containing the refrigerant gas. This warms the gas, which the system then compresses to create even more heat which can then be distributed through your home.

Because reverse cycle air conditioning uses a refrigerant to both heat and cool, it means it costs less to run compared to evaporative and electric heating air conditioning. We can help you make the switch from evaporative to ducted reverse cycle air conditioning today. Here are some of the reasons to switch from evaporative air conditioning.


Why You Should Switch From Evaporative Today

Evaporative coolers have many issues that other systems of air conditioners do not have any more. Due to the nature of how evaporative units work, in humid weather, they will not function properly and if humidity is above 50%, which is often the case in Adelaide, hot air may be blown in instead of cool air. Due to lack of air filtration, evaporative units can also cause annoyance for anyone with respiratory issues.

So there you have it, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling is the perfect choice of the Adelaide climate if you are looking to cool or heat several rooms. Efficient, reliable, and clean air.