Choosing an Air Conditioner Brand

Tired of tying to find a suitable air conditioning unit that is reliable and efficient? With so many brands and different types of systems available, it’s hard to know where to even start.

This is where the team from Metro Air come in. We are your local experts in air conditioning Adelaide.

Set your mind at ease as the professional team at Metro Air carefully evaluate your situation and help you select from the best air conditioning brands in Australia. We take pride in our work, and make sure your air conditioning keeps you comfortable in all seasons.

As one of Australia’s most trusted names in Air Conditioning, Daikin has been heating and cooling Australian homes for over 50 years.

Manufactured in Australia, Daikin take pride in designing Air Conditioners that are energy efficient, provide superior comfort and also look great.

Panasonic is a global leader in Air Conditioning technology.

Their focus in recent years has been ensuring that their systems are user friendly and high quality with eco-friendly features.

Panasonic have pioneered many ground breaking innovations and they aim to keep your family comfortable year round.

Actron Air is a proud Australian Air Conditioning company.

They are recognised for making world class Air Conditioning systems that meet the demands of our harsh Australian climate.

Designed and manufactured here in Australia, their systems have a superior operating range and are packed with innovative features.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning consistently provide high quality, energy efficient and reliable Air Conditioning solutions.

They have a great range of award winning designed Air Conditioners that will suit many types of homes and lifestyles, allowing you to be comfortable all year round.

Mitsubishi Electric has a long history in Air Conditioning and cooling, their first electric fan hit the market in 1921!

Their commitment to research and development in state of the art technology has led to their customers enjoying a great range of energy efficient and reliable Air Conditioners in homes throughout Australia.

Ductair is a leading South Australian manufacturer of quality air-conditioning duct and fittings.

Ductair has been manufacturing in Adelaide and supplying innovative, quality products to the air conditioning, ventilation and heating industry for over 30 years.

They continue to be an industry leader in innovation for flexible duct and fittings.

Polyaire aim to make good Air Conditioning more accessible to their customers.

They offer solution based products which are of premium quality, great value and backed by extensive research and development.

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