Imagine cozy winter nights in your home, where you can turn up the heating without worrying about your energy bill or the environment. If you’re ready to save this winter season, replacing your ducted gas heating to efficient reverse cycle heating is the secret!

Why switch heating options this winter?

Ducted gas heating is a popular heating option for most Australian homes, but did you know that modern electrical options can save you more money while having a smaller carbon footprint? Let’s break down 5 benefits when you switch to electrical reverse cycle heating.

Safety and Sustainability

Ducted gas heaters can release harmful gases like carbon monoxide if not maintained regularly. They also produce greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.By switching to electricity, you’ll help do your part to save the environment by reducing your impact on the earth.

Quiet Operation

Dreaming of a restful night’s sleep? You’ll notice the difference when you switch to electrical heating. Gas heaters are often noisy, making it disruptive to your sleep. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere by replacing your ducted gas heating with electrical reverse cycle heating,

Increase efficiency and lower energy bills

Electrical heating systems can provide the same level of warmth as gas heating, without the drain on energy. So you’ll be saving money and the environment in the long run!

Make the most of your solar energy

Over 40% of Adelaide homes have solar, but without batteries, most of that solar energy is being sent back to the grid at a low rate, benefiting only the power companies. Take control of that spare energy and use it to heat your home (free of charge!) when you’re out, so that you return to a cozy, toasty house after work!

More aesthetic design and flexibility

Ducts and vents can limit your design options and furniture layout in the home. In contrast, electrical reverse cycle heating systems can be installed in various parts of your home, without the need for unsightly ducts.

Ready to save more money without sacrificing your comfort this winter?

Metro Air team is the Adelaide specialist when it comes to full ducted gas heating replacement.
If you’re considering upgrading your current ducted gas heating to a new, more economical and efficient split, ducted or reverse cycle system, Metro Air will advise on which system will suit you, your home and lifestyle best.

Our team have many years of experience and are able to help take care of everything for you making the process easy and stress free.

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