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Reduce Peak Power Demand by 30%

Thermoview imaging clearly shows the loss of cooling from an Rt 1.0 polyester duct compared with the superior thermal resistance of Energy Smart™. Don’t lose your cooling into your roof space. Demand Energy Smart™ Flexible duct for your air-conditioning system to improve energy efficiency and save you money.

Energy Smart™ flexible duct can reduce peak load hours by a massive 30% and make your system 9% more efficient. Ductair’s Energy Smart™ flexible duct, with its superior thermal rating, has quite simply revolutionised the role of ducting in improving the overall efficiency of your air-conditioning system. By choosing Energy Smart™ flexible duct for your system, you can save energy, money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Enjoy cleaner air in every room

Breathing airborne pollutants often trigger allergy, asthma and hay fever symptoms. As house dust, mould, virus carriers and pollen are captured by the Ductair Natural Air (DNA) filter, we generally breathe easier and have fewer symptoms. Having a high quality air filter installed in a well maintained ducted air conditioning system can result in a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.


The easy to install Ductair Natural Air (DNA) filter protects your system as it traps particles that would otherwise coat the coils and reduce their efficiency. By Maintaining and changing your filter at regular intervals, the V-Form design will perform at an optimum level increasing efficiency and reducing your power bill. Ordinary filters are designed to protect the a/c equipment, the DNA filter goes far beyond that to protect the occupants in your home. Ductair DNA with Flanders media has the highest dust holding capacity and lowest pressure drop than any other media in its class. This means it has the best filtration available but won’t compromise the effectiveness of your system.

Ductair Premium Metal Vents

Ductair Premium Metal Vents (DPV) is the choice of architects, interior designers and home owners. The sleek modern design will ensure high performance air flow with a smooth ceiling profile. Made from Aluminum extrusion they will seamlessly match the optional metal linear slot diffusers and metal Ductair Quick Change return air grilles, improving the aesthetics of your entire air-conditioning system. Powder coating the DPV’s in ceiling white ensures they are easy to clean and they don’t yellow over time like plastic grilles.

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